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place. >> hours after those comments, president obama called the is isreali prime minister. some of the allies are criticizing this deal. >> that's true, the democrat of maryland calls this a marginal improvement. that was among the more receptive. this agreement did not proportionally reduce iran's nuclear program. they agreed to hold off on new sanctions for the six month lifestyle of the deal. not so for charles schumer of new york who pushed for new sanctions next week. iran simply freeszs it's n freer capabilities while we help their sanctions. the majority leader senator cantor -- >> 20% enrichment, and the p plutonium reactor, those are all stopped in their tracks. >> ben rhodes spoke out about whether they get to continue to enrich uranium. however, this deal didn't call for any facilities to be dismantled. >> some analysts are saying this whole thing changes an already volatile region. >> quite possibly so. our arab allies are giving voice to concern that the u.s. is moving away from allies in the region. they trained on the accord itself. >> it is a bad deal. it takes a
for sharing your thoughts. now it's time for shep: >>> president obama's new promise on health care. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, if your insurance company say it's okay, and some insurers claim the fix could cost more money. >> is the tsa wasting your taxpayer cash? you'll hear about the program that comes almost a billion dollars and goes not work at all. >> remember when toronto's crack-smoking mayor hinted he might have more secrets? they might not be secrets anymore. let's get to it. >> good thursday afternoon to you and yours. from fox at the fox news deck. if you like your insurance plan you can keep it, at least for another year, and if and only if your insurance company agrees to renew it. president obama says that is his latest fix nor latest health care fiasco. millions of americans losing their insurance despite the president's promises that would not happen. even the president himself admits this will not be a fix for everybody. he announced the changes this afternoon. >> the bottom line is insured can extend current plans that would otherwise be cancelled int
-smoking mayor tv? let's get to it. >>> first from the fox news deck at 3:00 on the east coast, president obama is but minutes away from signature down with health insurance ceos for a sort of strategy session, to talk up the president's big change to his signature healthcare law. even those his policies do not march the obamacare requirements. it's clear to make good on the president's campaign promise if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance, but the change is not calming critics. insurance companies, state officials, even lawmaker friday in the president's party are slamming the move and kathleen sebelius said she doubts that reversing the cancellations would work well this late in the game. now secretary sebelius is playing down the number of people who were cancelled. >> i'd say a relatively small number of people in the overall scheme of things, but for those people it's real, and i think the president felt keeping the commitment that people should be able to stay in their own plans was something he felt was important. >> relatively is the operative word there. that may be
the obama care website with the deadline quickly approaching. we'll see where things exactly stand. of course, it is black friday. if you're getting ready to get some gifts, you better be careful. we'll hear from a security professional about the biggest shopping scams of the season. >>> it's the tollest mountain in the western hemisphere. plenty of people have died trying to climb this. however, one 9-year-old little boy says he's ready to reach the summit. can't wait to ask him about it, live when he joins us. >>> we're now only hours away from the moment of truth, for the website that was supposed to connect millions of americans with better and cheaper health care. it is the deadline, the obama administration has set for itself to fix the troubled website. president obama said by tomorrow the vast majority of people visiting would have no problem logging on. even with tech experts working around the clock, some users are experiencing technical difficulties. administration officials have been warning all along, even with the president's warning approaching, the we
all came together' republicans say toughest criticism president obama himself the president said as shopping sites like amazon and kayak. something we all know is not the case. amazon and kayak. on the day of the launch. president obama should have known the harsh lesson we have all learned since that time. and that was they weren't ready. >> the republican congressman darrell issa there went on to say that the white house cut corners on the web site agreed it does have big problems. republicans playing. >> congressional oversight absolutely warranted but nobody in this room nobody in this country believes that republicans want to fix the web site. they had as many as 16 reports of security incidents. meantime the bad press seems to be taking a tool toll now. a new poll finds that president obama's approval rating is down to 39%. >> that is nothing compared to. imagine a disapproval rating of 86% and approval rating of about 9% for congress. and any other job they would toss you out on your ear. all time lows on both. mike emanuel is on fox top story live on capitol hill. mike, t
presidency 53% of americans say president obama is not a strong leader. also, the poll finds a record 50% of people say that the president is not honest and trustworthy. credibility problem is clearly developing. mike emanuel with the news and is live this afternoon on capitol hill. is there an official explanation why they did not put all of this on hold given the problems about which they were clearly warned. >> reporter: the impression is that october 1st was the gate and all systems needed to go. the one company said the launch of the web site could be a plane crash on takeoff and was asked about that today. >> when were you first concerned the administration would not be read you october 1 nor the start of the open enrollment? >> i never thought that. >> but you made a comment you didn't want this to be plane crash. >> well, you're referring to the e-mail -- >> yes. >> exchange i had -- >> yes. certainly that e-mail didn't say, everything is going fine, congratulations, team. so you must have had some awareness that some problems existed. >> mr. which chao did not want to make a bad
to presidential nominees. in essence, most democrats voted to stop republicans from block most of president obama's nominations with filibusters. here are the facts. the president's nominations for the judicial and executive branches now require just 51 votes, a simple majority, instead of 60. this does not change anything for supreme court name nations -- nominations. this also applies to future presidents, so if republicans get -- if democrats get it back they have to deal with this as well. president obama said the democrats had to make the change to get anything done in washington. >> today's pattern of obstruction just isn't normal. it's not what our founders envisioned. a deliberate and determined effort to obstruct everything no matter what the merits just too refight the results of an election is not normal. >> republicans say the vote was power grab. >> i would sum it up by saying it's a sad day in the history of the senate, after today, advise and consent means to then, 100% consent. >> one democratic senator said the level of gridlock today became a tipping point. mike emanuel is on ca
. that was one of president obama's promises, of you like your plan, you can keep your plant, but it turns out some cases it's true and some cases it's not. the white house now says you can keep your plan if it didn't change after the president signed the healthcare law. one senator asked this leader where the white house would support a bill to let all americans keep their current insurance. >> why not put the president's words into law and simply say, if you like the plan you have, we're not going to decide for you, you can decide it, use as an individual, if you like the plan you have, you can keep it without having to change a thing. >> they were given the option of renewing with a new plan , and yes, maybe some of the plans were more expensive, but i would encourage those individuals to go on the web site, take a look at what is available on the individual market in tennessee. i think you will see that the pricing in the individual market actually came in about 18% lower. >> the white house also would not say whether the president will back a bill to let folks keep their current insuranc
all know. officials have only released a handful of those documents. remember, president obama had said the core of al qaeda is on a, quote, path to defeat. lawmakers are pushing now for declassifications, saying the documents likely show the opposite of that that al qaeda is actually growing around the world. catherine herridge live with the news today from washington. catherine? >> thank you, harris. the number of documents pulled from usama bin laden's compound in abad bad pakistan is still classified. it's said to be at least 1.5 million files. and of those files, only 17 written documents had been released through the west point counter terrorism center. that was over a year ago in the run-up to the election. critics charge the documents were cherry picked to portray bin laden as a frustrated micromanager who had lost control of his network. the administration declassified a series of videos which show bin laden watching television or rehearsing recorded messengers for his followers. message also reinforce the view that al qaeda was in decline. the million plus documents may t
to you from the fox news deck. president obama is getting ready right now to sit down with state insurance officials as his signature healthcare law takes another huge hit in the polls. there is a new cbs news survey out it indicates but 7% of americans say obamacare is working well and should stay in place as is. 48% say there are good parts to the law but that it needs changes. and 43% say the government should scrap it completely. the problems are also hitting the president in the polls a big way. that seems the cbs survey 57% of the americans don't approve of the job as president. that's all-time high in that poll. 37% approve. that's down from 46% in october when the healthcare web site launched. we have team fox coverage now. mike emanuel has the latest from capitol hill. let's start with ed henry who is live at the white house. between the polls and democrats bill clinton urging him to make some changes. there is a lot of pressure on the president from his own supporters here. there are and with that pressure from democrats who want to see changes to the law you clearly se
in time for thanksgiving. >>> and fired up about the white house talking about obama care. >> i'm johnson scott in for shepherd smith. new reports that guantanamo bay flipped prisoners and sent them back home. ahead, the story of the gitmo government agents. >>> and do company vs. to pay for birth control. >>> and why black friday deals may be worse than they look. what you need to know before you start shopping. we begin with millions and millions of americans in the path of a monster weather mess and mother nature's timing couldn't be any worse. as we all enter the peak of thanksgiving travel. a deadly storm is hammering the country with rain, snow, and ice. officials say it killed more than a dozen people, most of them in texas. and where it is too warm for snow, there is a threat of violent weather as the storm streams to the east. even if you're not in the bath, there is a good chance you will feel it's effects. airport delays could back up travel from coast to coast. the number of people planning to fly this thanksgiving is at a five year high. let's take a look at the crowded skies
smith reporting now from the fox news desk. >> word of a secret memo on obama care that dates to three years ago. it contains a warning about the president's plan and why it might not work. we'll have it for you. >>> plus a pro football player accused of bullying a teammate. now the coaches are giving that alleged bully a time out. so what did he do?that's ahead. >>> and in social security is in so much trouble, it's probably not helping. the government is paying tens of millions of dollars in benefits to people who no longer breathe. dead people, with tens of millions of dollars. why it's happening and what the feds say about it. let's get to it. >>> breaking news, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >>> and good monday afternoon to you. you've been following along with us, i'm guessing, out of central connecticut state university where they've been under an emergency alert. the school twitter account said that police were looking for a suspicious person with a gun. there has not been a shooting as far as we know. there's been no active shooter. that's according to --
. i think the obama administration has been tough here. and if we can get this suspension of enrichment, it's in our interest, in israel's interest, in the interests of the europeans as well. >> the israelis are not on board, at least with the framework we have here. >> they don't appear to be, no. prime minister netanyahu has launched a public campaign against it, and i certainly understand and sympathize with israel's concerns about iran, but it would be much better if israel has a beef with the united states, to argue privately, but not to argue publicly. only iran's going to benefit pun the united states and israel. so far better for prime minister netanyahu not to take on president obama publicly, but let's have a discussion behind the scenes. that's what allies and friends do. >> is there a consensus on how much access to these sites and the enrichment program is enough access? >> i don't think there is. there is an agreement today between the international atomic energy agency in iran that they would allow more access to the iaea but it's not enough. the military si
bill clinton has some advice for president obama how the administration should fix the healthcare mess. >>> the feds cleared the way for an enormous airline merger weeks before the holiday travel season. >>> stuff -- plus, the teenage college student accuse of hacking into the computers of miss teen u.s.a. and other women and taking naked photos of videos of them, back in court today. we'll have the latest on that. let's get to it. >> good tuesday afternoon to you. first from the fox news deck at 3:00 in new york. former president clinton jump interesting the healthcare debate. he is publicly telling president obama he should keep his prom mitt to the american people who like their are inance and want to keep it. even if that means redoing parts of the healthcare law. president clinton says the nation is better with the new healthcare law than without it, but mentioned the millions of folks who lost their insurance even after the president said over and over that would not happen. the former president, president clinton, made the remarks to a web site named, one that for some
. have a great weekend. anytime for shepard smith. the white house decided to delay the start of obama care's enrollment, not this year but next year, and republicans are crying foul, because the decision to push back the open enrollment period from october to mid-november 2014 means it won't start until after the mid-term election. politics there? we'll talk about it. the white house says the move is meant to give insurance companies more time to evaluate their experiences during this year's enrollment period. >> this gives them more time to assess the pool of people who are getting insurance through the market places and make decisions about what rates will look like in the coming year. >> well, i alluded to this. critics are saying obamacare about it but there's something else at play. here's senator ted cruz. >> it's not surprising they want to move as much as they can after the next election. they're doing everything they can to run away from obamacare because the wheels are falling off. this thing isn't working. >> now some things to know. the delay won't mean anything for people
obama administration memos from the days right after that launch. here's what some of those memos show. widespread reports of insurance plans showing up with the wrong prices or details. some 90% of those who managed to log in could not pass the residency test to prove that they are eligible for medicate. about 30% of applicants ran into errors that kept them from completing their applications. and the system that verifies ids wrongly showed about 6% of applicants were in prison. the memo mentions the bug was the identification program, quote: really high match for things we wouldn't expect. like death. mike emanuel is on fox top story and he is live on capitol hill for us this afternoon. sounds like a lot of lawmakers are at least acting like they are losing their patience and in many cases i'm guessing they are. >> well, shep, and we are also learning that the president got an earful from people of his own party, democrats who are facing the voters next year who have very serious concerns about this healthcare rollout. today on capitol hill though, you had republicans and democrats
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16